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Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag- Nappy Bag Review

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag

About the Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag

(I received the”Love Navy” Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own).

Cost: $149.95

Style: Handbag

Size: 23cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 19cm (D)

Available colours: Love Navy, White/Black Paisley, White/Grey Chevron

Material: The bag is made from wax coated canvas. The soft fleece change mat is made from coral hair and nylon polyester.

Zippers: There are 3 exterior zippers only.

Pockets: There are the 3 zipped exterior pockets, as well as two unzipped side pouches on the outside of the bag. Inside the bag, there are two inbuilt insulated pouches and a pouch lining the back of the bag. 

Washability: The bag can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Other Features: The Melotote comes with an insulated bottle holder, soft change mat inside a zip-up wet purse/pouch, and an included long shoulder strap. The Nappy Bag also comes with attached stroller straps that can be unclipped/unbuttoned.

Where you can get it from: The Love Navy Nappy Bag can be ordered from the Fertile Mind Website HERE.

Website and Socials: Visit the Fertile Mind website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

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Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 1

Review of the Melobaby Nappy Bag (Love Navy) Nappy Bag


The “Love Navy” Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag is a solid, rectangular prism-shaped nappy bag with a gorgeous white paisley print on a navy background. It is made from a thick material to make it durable, keeping its shape no matter whether it is full of contents or empty.

Besides the main zipped compartment, this Nappy Bag has 2 zipped pockets on the outside of the bag (front and bag), and a pouch on either end. Due to the tightness of the material, the pockets are stiff and don’t fit many items – I struggled to fit all my valuables on the outside pockets (taking up space inside the bag). Inside the bag, there are two inbuilt insulated pouches perfect for baby bottles or food containers, as well as a separate pouch at the back of the bag. This pouch is the perfect size for the included change mat (which is incredibly soft and by far my favourite of the lot) or an all-inclusive Melobaby “Nappy Wallet”.

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 2

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 3


The Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag is designed with handbag straps, but also comes with a long shoulder strap to allow it to be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. Due to the shape and firmness of the Nappy Bag, it was a bit hard to wear it as a “handbag” up over the shoulder (the material was too stiff and felt cramped under my arm). It sat a lot easier in the crook of my arm and as a shoulder bag (using the included long strap).

This Nappy Bag also comes with stroller straps that are attached to the Melotote with buttons (these can be easily unbuttoned to remove the straps from the bag). These straps can then be wrapped around your pram’s handlebar and clipped onto rings on the top edge of the bag. As the stroller straps are short, the bag sits high up to the handlebar, making it easy to access the contents of the bag while out and about.

In regards to the amount of space to fit all the essential baby products, the “Love Navy” is somewhere in the middle of the other nappy bags in this review. It can certainly fit the nappies, baby wipes, disposable bags, change mat (which it comes with), and my valuables (although the wallet was a bit tight fitting in). However it doesn’t fit my son’s lunchbox very well, and I did have to use one of the two insulated bottle pockets to store other products in (such as baby wipes). I think the Melotote is another perfect option for new mums looking for a nappy bag for their newborn – when the essentials are nappies, baby wipes and spare change of clothes. The “Love Navy” doesn’t have as much space to accommodate the necessities for older children such as lunchboxes or toys. However, if you are a minimalist (not like me!), this nappy bag will definitely suit you.

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 4

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 5


The “Love Navy” Melotote is a durable Nappy Bag with a gorgeous and compact design. It will fit the newborn essentials you will need to carry around on a daily basis, and comes at an affordable price compared to some other brands. I definitely recommend this bag for mothers who have newborn or younger babies. 

Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag 6

Stand Out Features:

  • It is incredibly sturdy and durable – it is likely to last a while and not be battered around by little ones!
  • This Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag has a gorgeous white and Navy Paisley design.
  • It comes with a soft change mat (my favourite!), a long shoulder strap and a bottle holder, as well as inbuilt insulated pockets for milk, water or food bottles.
  • This Nappy Bag also came with attached stroller straps for attaching to your pram. These straps are short, bringing the bag higher up the handlebars and making it even easier to access, and they are also buttoned on so can be easily removed from the bag.
  • Can fit all the essentials newborn babies will need.
  • An affordable price tag, which is always a winner!


  • Depending on how much you like to pack, the Melobaby Melotote Nappy Bag may not be able to pack everything (such as toys or a lunchbox). You may need to reconsider what you pack on outings.
  • With the sturdy design of the bag, it is a bit awkward to wear as a handbag. I found it more comfortable to wear on the crook of my arm or with the long shoulder strap.

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