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Modimade Nappy Bag – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

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About the Modimade Nappy Bag

(I received the Modimade Nappy Bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $105.00

Style: Shoulder/Messenger Bag (Crossbody)

Size: 31.5cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 3cm (D). Change mat area folds open to 87cm (H) x 38cm (W).

Available colours: Monochrome and Dala (currently sold out – available via pre-order)

Material: Made from repurposed cotton blend fabric, with hand screen printing for print design.

(Note: Fabrics are sourced from factory leftovers or small Cambodian market stalls and have been pre-washed before sewing. Fabric have not been used for any prior use before being used in the Baby Bags).

Zippers: There is 1 zipper pocket on the interior. (Buttons are used for all the openings/closings).

Pockets: There is 1 large pocket on the front of the bag, held closed with 2 buttons. There are 5 pockets inside the bag – 3 pouches, 1 zipped pocket and 1 slide-in pouch.

Washability: The whole bag is machine washable. The nappy bag includes a terry towelling change mat that can also be removed and can be washed separately as required.

Other Features: Fold-out design that converts the bag into a portable change mat and nappy change station. Removable terry towelling change mat for easy cleaning. The Modimade Nappy Bag is environmentally friendly, but is also ethically made. Modimade is partnered with two social enterprise groups in Cambodia to ensure their handmade products (including the Baby Bag) is produced ethically.

Where you can get it from: The Baby Bag can be ordered from the Modimade Website HERE.

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Review of the Modimade Nappy Bag (Monochrome) Nappy Bag


The “Monochrome” Baby Bag from Modimade is a large, flat, rectangular shoulder bag that comes with a simple striped design on the exterior. Once opened up into the nappy change station, it shows a gorgeous geometric white printed design on the black fabric and under a terry toweling change mat. The simple pattern and design makes it a great unisex bag, so dads can feel comfortable taking it out and about with the baby if they need too.

The Modimade Nappy Bag has a limited number of pockets or pouches. There is a single compartment at the front of the bag that is held together by 2 buttons. Unbuttoning the lower set of buttons is the first step to opening the bag into a nappy change station. Step two requires you to  undo the button that holds the pocket pouches in place. After folding out these pouches you can see the removable change mat instantly; a large mat area (size approximately 87cm by 38cm) with a padded underlay that is good for changing on hard outdoor surfaces. The change station reveals extra pouches that can hold nappies, baby wipes, disposable bags, creams – whatever you need to change your baby. Of course, the main feature of this bag is the large, practical space used to actually change your baby – making outings a lot simpler when you have to deal with unexpected nappy changes. Simple open up your bag, put baby down, change and voila, bub is good to go! This Nappy Bag really is an ingenious and creative design for new mums who are on the go and want a bag that is convenient and practical.

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The “Monochrome” Modimade Nappy Bag is designed to be worn as a shoulder/messenger bag, with a single long shoulder strap attached to the bag. This strap is easily adjustable to make it longer or shorter depending on your height, how you prefer to wear your bag (short or long) and whether you want to wear it across the body or as a shoulder bag.

While this Baby Bag from Modimade doesn’t come with stroller straps, it is very flat and can easily fit underneath a pram if need be for outings. Due to its practical nature, it doesn’t have space for endless amounts of belongings (like I am used to carrying). I did like that I was able to have all the essentials required for a nappy change at my finger tips though. The Modimade Nappy Bag makes nappy changes as easy as unbuttoning 3 buttons! This ‘nappy station’ design makes it more lightweight than some of the other nappy bags, meaning it was easier to carry around on long day trips as well. It had enough room for my nappies, baby wipes, disposable bags, and creams, however no space for my son’s lunchbox or water bottle. I think this particular Baby Bag is better suited to mums with newborns who require the essentials on their day-to-day trips, rather than mothers of older children.

This Nappy Bag is completely washable, which is always beneficial for new mums with babies (especially when you are dealing with many nappy changes and poo). The terry toweling interior can easily be removed and thrown into the washing machine separately, or the whole bag can also be washed if need be.

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The “Monochrome” Baby Bag from Modimade is a practical and, most importantly, ethical bag for new mums to choose for their newborns. It allows for all the essentials to be carried around, enables convenient and easy nappy changes, and has the peace of mind knowing that it is made ethically and is environmentally friendly. With an affordable price tag as well, this bag is definitely worth it for new mums wanting a simple, practical and convenient Baby Bag.

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Stand Out Features: 

  • Ethically made – the greatest aspect of the Modimade Nappy Bag.
  • Simple, sleek design – especially the white geometric prints on the interior.
  • Convenient, quick and practical to use – unbutton and fold out to reveal a change mat for bub.
  • Easy to wash (the whole bag is machine washable), keeping it hygienic and clean after each nappy change.
  • As it isn’t packed with heaps of items, it is lightweight to carry around (and flat for storing under the pram). 


  • It only carries the bare essentials for nappy changes – if you are looking to carry lots of items (such as baby foods or bottles), you won’t be able to fit it in this bag. It might mean that you’d need an extra bag, such as a cooler bag type lunch box to take with you.
  • I definitely think this bag is suited more for mums of newborns, when outings consist mostly of nappy changes (foods, water bottles and other items aren’t necessary).

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