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Skip Hop Nappy Backpack – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

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About the Skip Hop Nappy Backpack

(I received the Skip Hop Nappy Backpack “Greenwich Simply Chic” for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $209.00

Style: Backpack

Size: 46cm (H) x 33cm (W) x 23.5cm (D)

Available colours: Caramel and Dusty Pink.

Material: The exterior is made from durable, wipe-clean vegan leather.

Zippers: There are 4 zippers on the exterior (front pocket, side pocket, main compartment and back compartment).

Pockets: This Nappy Bag has 9 pockets – The front pocket has a small slid-in pocket (for cards); There is a side water bottle holder; The zip-up side pocket can also hold a water bottle, the pouch of which actually sits inside the bag; the main compartment has two pouch pockets at the back; and the back compartment has a tight pouch to fit the change mat into.

Washability: Can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Other Features: Includes a padded change mat and clip-on stroller straps.

Where you can get it from: The Greenwich Simply Chic Skip Hop Nappy Bag can be ordered from The Stork Nest Website HERE.

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Review of the Greenwich Simply Chic Skip Hop (Caramel) Nappy Bag


The “Greenwich Simply Chic” Skip Hop Nappy Bag is a rather large, rectangular backpack. Its fashionable colour and design are prominent, right down to the tassel décor on the front pouch. You can instantly tell that it is a sturdy, durable bag (made from vegan leather), as it keeps its shape remarkably well. Besides the gorgeous caramel (almost peach) colour of the bag, it is accented with gold zips and clips, and cream fabric for adjusting the backpacks straps (and the stroller straps).

This Nappy Bag has numerous compartments and pockets, making it an awesome accessory if you’re looking for a bag to organise your belongings (which is how I like to operate!). In total, the backpack has 9 pockets throughout, ranging from water bottle holders and pockets, to easy access pouches. The only thing I found an issue with the design, was the zipper for the main compartment is a little stiff to open and close, as it sits under overhanging fabric – and with the sturdy fabric, this adds to the challenge of maneuvering the zipper open and closed.

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The “Greenwich Simply Chic” Skip Hop Nappy Backpack is designed as a backpack only. The backpack straps can be easily adjusted to make them longer if you require more arm room, and there is also a top handle if you need to quickly carry it from one spot to another. I found due to the weight of the bag (as it is large in size and sturdy with the material), if you sling the backpack over one shoulder, it slides down the shoulder a bit, especially if you are carrying quite a bit of weight in it. I found it needed a bit of adjusting and holding it with one hand to even it out. Of course, wearing it with both straps works best.

This Skip Hop Nappy Backpackalso comes with clip-on stroller straps, which you loop around the pram handle and clip onto the loops on the bag. This makes it great for outings, as it is easy to access rather than pulling it on and off your back.

My favourite thing about the “Greenwich Simply Chic” Skip Hop Nappy Backpack though is the separate compartments and pouches it has. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love to organise my bag and separate belongings according to certain categories – my valuables, nappy changing essentials, feeding time and sun protection. While a lot of bags may have the space to hold these items, not many have the separate compartments I prefer to keep my bag organised. This Skip Hop Nappy Bag is perfect as I was able to put my valuables in the front pocket, the nappy changing and feeding items in the main compartment, and some extras in the back pocket (like change of clothes, some toys, etc). I was also able to use the pouches to store his water bottle and food bottle, as well as his hat and sunscreen. This bag was like organisational heaven!

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This Skip Hop Nappy Backpack is on the upper end of the cost scale for this review, so weighing up the pros and cons of this bag (and my own personal preference), I would have to say this bag is great value. It is large enough to hold almost everything you could possibly need with a baby, is very sturdy and practical, and, my personal favourite, very organised. Add to that its stunning colour and design, and the fact that it is a backpack (even if it does slide off one shoulder), means wearing it across both shoulders it is better for your back and posture than a handbag or shoulder bag. 

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Stand Out Features:

  • The Skip Hop Nappy Backpack has a sturdy, durable design from vegan leather.
  • Gorgeous colour, and a large size – great for holding everything (new mums will understand this!).
  • It is extremely organised – lots of pockets and compartments to put everything in, and you won’t be scrounging around to find what you’re looking for.
  • Backpack design makes it great for your back health if worn across both shoulders.
  • Comes with change mat, as well as clip-on stroller straps.


  • If you are wearing it on one shoulder, it slides down a bit and requires adjusting and shuffling.
  • The main zipper can get a bit stiff as it gets stuck on overhanging fabric.
  • It is a large bag, meaning it won’t fit well under a pram (although with stroller straps and backpack design this shouldn’t be an issue).

skip hop nappy backpack

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