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Babymel “Satchel Stripe Navy” – Nappy Bag Review

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About the Babymel Nappy Bag

(I previously owned this Babymel Nappy Bag, but included it in this review to share more of a range of brands. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $99.99

Style: Shoulder/Messenger + Crossbody (“Satchel”)

Size: 33cm (H) x 44cm (W) x 16cm (D)

Available colours: This design comes in the “Satchel Stripe Navy” design only. Babymel have a range of nappy bags designs in various colours.

Material: Made from wipe clean and water resistant canvas.

Zippers: There are 2 Zippers only – The main compartment and a side zipper.

Pockets: There are 3 main pockets on the exterior – the side pocket, the main compartment, and a simple compartment hidden under the front buckle. In the main compartment, there are 2 pouch pockets and a Velcro compartment.

Washability: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and leave to air dry. Included change mat can be machine washed.

Other Features: Comes with a (washable) change mat. It includes patented stroller straps attached to the main shoulder strap.

Where you can get it from: The Satchel Stripe Navy Nappy Bag can be ordered HERE.

Website and Socials: Visit the Babymel HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

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Review of the Babymel “Satchel Stripe Navy” Nappy Bag


The Babymel Stripe Navy Satchel is a simple, lightweight nappy bag with a retro colour scheme. It is shaped like a triangular prism, allowing for plenty of room at the base of the bag. It is a large bag with two separate compartments that provides extra space for all the items you might need to carry for yourself and bub. This baby bag is made from water resistant canvas, making it easy to clean and perfect around little grubby hands.

The “Satchel Stripe Navy” does not have many pockets, which can be a positive if you’re looking for something simple. It has a side zipper pocket (for a bottle) and the main, zipped compartment, as well as a compartment under the front buckle. The main area of the nappy bag has two pouches (for additional bottles or valuables) and a velcro-ed section, perfect for extra belongings you’d like to separate.

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The shape of the “Satchel Stripe Navy” (triangular prism) makes it comfortable to wear because your arm can stay straight down alongside your body and the bag – rather than some big nappy bags that are bulky and require your arm to sit out like a chicken. It comes with a single, long shoulder strap which can be adjusted to wear on the shoulder (like a satchel – funny that!), or across the body.

This Babymel nappy bag also comes with patented stroller straps (similar to the Storksak, as they are sister companies), so it can be attached to the handlebar of your pram for ease of access and to lessen the load on your arm.

One of my favourite things about this Stripe Navy Satchel is that it has two separate compartments. I like separating and organising my bags based on a variety of factors (OCD perhaps?), including separating my valuables and belongings from my son’s. I also like to keep items I readily need – for example his change of clothes – separate and handy if I need to get to it ASAP.

That being said, the front compartment has minimal room for movement and sits quite flat to the bag, making it more difficult to store lots of items. Add to this the amount of belongings you would be putting in the main compartment (especially if they are bulky), and you wouldn’t be able to fit much into the front pocket at all. In the main area of the nappy bag, there is space to fit the essentials you would need for your baby, such as the nappies, baby wipes, and so forth. There are a couple of puches you could use for a bottle or your valuables, however in terms of the amount I’ve recently committed to carrying around (including a lunchbox for my son), this bag isn’t the ideal choice. 

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While the size might be an issue (in terms of how much you can actually fit in), this is a personal preference and only applies depending on how much stuff you are wanting to pack into your bag. As one of the most affordable bags in the review, if you are looking for a simple bag to carry your baby’s items from A to B, comes with a free changing mat and will store your nappies and baby wipes, this is the bag! Nappy Bags – like most things related to babies or weddings – come with a big price tag purely for their name. This baby bag brings the prices tag down while still doing the things you would need it to do. 

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Stand Out Features:

  • Retro and simplistic design – perfect for those looking for a practical and easy to use bag.
  • Comes with patented stroller straps to attach to your pram, making it easy to access and less of a hassle when carrying it out and about.
  • The triangular prism design fits more naturally with the body while carrying it (less awkward for your arms!).
  • It is extremely affordable!
  • It has separate compartments to allow for a more organised baby bag.
  • It is extremely easy to clean – which around babies, is always amazing! 


  • Depending on how much you want to pack (and how bulky those items are), you may not be able to fit everything into the bag (or into separate compartments).
  • Even though it has two separate compartments, there are minimal pockets or pouches meaning the majority of your belongings are grouped in together. If you are like me (personal preference), this can make it difficult if you are rummaging for keys, change of clothes, etc.

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