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Lassig “Rosie” Nappy Bag – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

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About the Lassig Rosie Nappy Bag

(I received the Lassig Rosie Nappy Bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $249.95 (AUD)

Style: Handbag (One strap), Messenger/Shoulder bag and Backpack

Size: 30cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 19cm (D)

Available colours: Anthracite Glitter and Blue

Material: 100% Polyester (Interior and Exterior)

Zippers: Two zippers on the exterior (main pocket and a side pocket), and 1 zipper on the interior.

Pockets: On the exterior, there is the main pocket (with a zipper), and a size pocket (also zipped). On the interior, there are 7 pockets, 2 of which use Velcro. 

Washability: Unknown

Other Features: Comes with a shoulder strap, water-repellant wet pocket, changing mat, insulated bottle holder, removable baby food jar compartment, integrated mobile phone compartment, zip up wallet and stroller straps.

Where you can get it from: The Rosie Nappy Bag can be ordered from the Lassig Website HERE, as well as from a range of stockists including Baby Bunting and Babies R Us (stock may be limited depending on location).

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Review of the Lassig Rosie Nappy Bag (Anthracite Glitter)


The Lassig Rosie Nappy Bag boasts a truly unique and stylish design, shaped as a triangular pyramid and shining with its silver, glittery exterior. It also uses rose gold for its logo, zippers, and strap clips, making it stand out even more (if that was even possible?). The interior is a dark grey colour to compliment the glittery exterior (which is also used on the accessories such as the zip up wallet, change mat and bottle holder).

Although the exterior of the Rosie looks very basic (only one side pocket in the back besides the main pocket), it is full of many pockets and compartments inside. There is a zipper, detachable baby food jar compartment, and Velcro pocket to allow ample storage for mums who like to carry around different items (such as myself).

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Lassig’s “Rosie” Bag can be worn 3 different ways depending on your style and comfort/preference. It can be converted into a messenger/shoulder bag or backpack, and also has a single strap for a handbag style (I haven’t come across a single strap handbag style before, considering how heavy the bag might become!).

The “Rosie” also comes with attachable stroller straps, which can be clipped onto the back where the backpack straps would sit. The Velcro is then used to wrap around the stroller handle, and the bag hangs down. The stroller straps are very handy as it allows for easy access to your nappy bag without having to carry it around (again, if you have a heavy bag this can be annoying!). I also like that the stroller straps are removable, as they aren’t sitting there all the time to detract from the gorgeous exterior of the “Rosie”.

Truth be told, I was a bit unsure about the space inside this nappy bag. I thought it wouldn’t hold much inside as it looks a bit cluttered inside the bag when you first open it (with the bottle holder, the change mat, and other accessories tucked inside). With all that inside, it can still be a bit tight fitting everything in, however it was manageable. I do like that there are lots of separate compartments, as I like to organise my bag to easily find what I need (for example, separating my valuables like wallet, phone, keys, glasses; as well as his extras like hat, bib, suncream, etc). I can even fit his lunchbox and water bottle inside, which was a bit of a test with some of the other bags. 

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The Lassig Rosie nappy bag is one of the most expensive bags in the review. Personally I can’t justify a huge expense on my small budget unless it is absolutely essential. However, I know many women who are happy to spend a bit extra on a gorgeous, stunning bag that does everything they need it to do. If you’re looking for a bag that will work as a nappy bag, but can also be used as a regular, stylish bag after kids, the “Rosie” bag is for you. It will last many years and many seasons of life, so if you like a bit of glam in your life and want something long lasting (and have the budget to do it), it is definitely worth it!

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Stand Out Features: 

  • Gorgeous, unique, glitzy design.
  • Convertible bag can be worn three ways – as a handbag, messenger/shoulder bag and backpack.
  • Comes with an amazing range of accessories including a changing mat, water-repellant wet pocket, insulated bottle holder, stroller straps, mobile phone compartment, zip up wallet, and removable baby food jar compartment.
  • Multiple compartments inside the bag make organising your nappy bag easier.


  • With all the compartments, it can be a bit tight fitting making sure everything goes in your nappy bag (I found it doable). Depending on how much you like to take with you, you may need to re-consider how and what you pack in your nappy bag.
  • Washability?
  • With a single handbag strap, you might just need to keep an eye on how much you pack/how heavy the bag is – for the longevity of the bag and for your shoulder as well.

Lassig rosie nappy bag

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