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Diaper Dude “Black Convertible Backpack+” – 2017 Nappy Bag Review

Diaper Dude Backpack 4

About the Diaper Dude Backpack Nappy Bag

(I Received the Diaper Dude Backpack for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $64.99 USD

Please Note: An Australian Distributor for the Diaper Dude Collection is coming soon.

Style: Backpack + Shoulder/Messenger Bag (Convertible)

Size: Approx. 37cm (H) x 37cm (W) x 15cm (D)

Available colours: Black

Material: Durable Textured Fabric

Zippers: There are 4 external zippers (2 on the front, 1 on the back and one on the side).

Pockets: On the exterior, there are 4 zipped pockets, 1 mesh water bottle holder, and the main compartment (covered by the clipped flap). Inside the bag, there are 3 pouches, one of which is closed with Velcro.

Washability: Unknown

Other Features: This nappy bag comes with a padded change mat and long shoulder strap (included but not attached). There are two stroller straps on either side of the nappy bag that are attached to the nappy bag.

Where you can get it from: The Black Convertible Backpack+ Nappy Bag can be ordered from Diaper Dude Website (updated to be sold on Amazon in 2020)

Diaper Dude Backpack 1

Review of the Diaper Dude’s Black Convertible Backpack+ Nappy Bag


The “Black Convertible Backpack+” is all things manly – It is simple and practical in its design, with several pockets on the exterior and interior to help separate valuables and products. Each pocket is in itself simple, with no extra mini pockets, pouches or gizmos in any of them – just simple storage spaces to store keys, a wallet, or a phone. The Diaper Dude’s Nappy Bag is almost a dark grey/steel colour, and is a reasonable size to carry all the necessary products for baby.

This Nappy Bag is light enough that it can easily flex and bend, making it easy to pack and store bulky items. However it is also made from durable, textured fabric, making it the perfect accessory for men who like to get active and are looking for a sturdy bag for outings.

Of course, this Nappy Bag can also be used by women (it is not gender specific!), and makes a great neutral backpack if you’re looking for something easy to pack, get out and go.

Diaper Dude Backpack 3


Like a few of the other nappy bags in this review, the Diaper Dude Backpack can be changed according to your style and preference. It comes with a long, padded strap that can be attached either as a backpack or shoulder/messenger (or crossbody) bag, depending on how you like to wear your bags. The main part of the strap is padded to provide ease of comfort, and it can easily attached to the bag via rings on the back of the bag.

The Diaper Dude Backpack also comes with stroller straps (which are attached to the top sides of the bag), which are threaded around the pram handles and attached back onto the bag. This makes it easy to access the bag and avoid having to carry it around when you’re out and about with bub.

While the “Black Convertible Backpack+” is quite wide and high, it is a bit thinner than I was expecting, so I was unsure about how it would go fitting in all the things I like to carry around. However I found that overall it was a decent size, fitting the majority of items I like to carry around in my nappy bag (but not all). If dads were using this bag, it would easily fit the items they would like to carry around (as I find my husband doesn’t carry around nearly as much as I do!). It also has enough pouches and pockets to separate valuables and easy-to-reach items, making it easier for both dads and mums.

Diaper Dude Backpack 2

Diaper Dude Backpack 6


The Diaper Dude’s “Black Convertible Backpack+” is another affordable Nappy Bag option, and is particularly great as a man’s version of the baby bag. If you are a stay-at-home dad, or like to take the kids on outings but don’t want to take mum’s Nappy Bag, this backpack is the best option. It also fits a decent amount of items despite its thin size.

Diaper Dude Backpack 5

Stand Out Features: 

  • Sleek, steel design is perfect for men, but also a great neutral option for women (a great bag if you’re looking for a bag to share between mum and dad).
  • Comes with a long strap that allows bag to convert between a backpack and shoulder/messenger bag.
  • The Diaper Dude Backpack comes with stroller straps, making it easy to attach to the pram for ease of access to the bag.
  • It fits a large amount of items despite the size.
  • Is an affordable price. 


  • Diaper Dude are currently looking at expanding into Australia, so you might need to wait/keep an eye on when distribution will start in Australia.
  • While it does have several pockets, it only has one main compartment (if you like to organise your bag, this isn’t the one for you).
  • The “Black Convertible Backpack+” didn’t fit all of the items I usually carry in my nappy bag, requiring me to cull items. If you like to pack a lot of items in your nappy bag, you might need to consider what you do and don’t pack.

Diaper Dude Backpack

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