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Best Baby Products for May 2015

We have found some of the coolest products around that we are sure will become favourite must haves in your family.

Blooming Bath from Bubs and Beans

Baby laughs from their pop-up bath

best baby products 2015: blooming bath

Time to bathe baby but no bath in sight?  No problem with the practical Blooming Bath which instantly turns any tub, sink or basin  into a bathtub.  Not only is the Blooming Bath convenient, it is a winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award!  Gorgeous and soft, the Blooming Bath’s natural antimicrobial foam interior contains no chemicals.  And it is a winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award!  Cleaning the Blooming Bath is easy – when bath-time is over, simply gently squeeze out the excess water and hang it up by its special hanging tag.  Easier still, put it in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes.  The Blooming Bath is also machine washable.  Mums will love the convenience of the Blooming Bath, and your baby will love the soft, plush fabric and vibrant colours – turing bath-time into fun-time for the whole family!


Burb Cloths from Your Cheeky Monkey

Save your style at burp time!

burp cloths

Why is it that the biggest spills from burping baby always seem to happen when you have just put on a sleek new outfit?  Put off that unexpected load of washing with these terrific Burb Cloths!  Burp Cloths are such an essential for a newborn baby.  Easy to use, easy to wash, and they look fantastic!  The cloths are made of all natural 100% cotton fabric design – super soft flannelette one side with a toweling back, making the Burp Cloth fantastically thick & absorbent.   Each Burp Cloth is both stitched and serged for long wearing properties, and importantly shaped to fit perfectly over your shoulder – no more ugly bulky towels or cloth nappies.  Great for funky Dads too!  Each Burper Set contains 2 Burp Cloths (one patterned + one co-ordinating plain).  Do your favourite outfits a favour and grab one of these stylish Burp Cloths!


No need to spit the dummy with these personalised pacifiers!

Name My Stuff Personalised Dummy

personalised dummy

These cute and colourful personalised dummies from Name My Stuff are just what you need for soothing your little bundle of joy!  How many times have you been at mothers group or playgroup and your little one has dropped or misplaced their dummy, only for it to end up in another bub’s mouth?  Reduce the spread of germs between children with these delightfully bright and easily-identifiable dummies!  The name of the child will be permanently marked on the dummy, and no matter how much you sterilise the dummy it will not wear off.  Take comfort in the fact these quality dummies are manufactured in Australia or Europe using BPA-free material, and comply with Australian Safety Standards.  Not only are these personalised dummies a great idea for your family, they also make a tremendous gift with that special personal touch!


Door Stopper from Fish Pond

No more jammed little fingers!

Door Stopper

As a parent there is nothing more painful to hear than the cries of your little one having hurt themselves by jamming their fingers or toes in a door.  Aside from shadowing your little rug rat 24/7, the next best thing is to make use of these novel door stoppers.  The Door Stopper is a great quick fitting device to prevent doors slamming shut and trapping little fingers.  These can be easily mounted on the door at any height out of reach of prying little hands.  With the Door Stopper in place hopefully the next time your bub jams their fingers it is only with strawberry jam!


That’s Not My Monkey Book From Fish Pond

Monkey around with this touchy-feely story!

thats not my monkey

Our BHT bubs love the “That’s not my …” series of books, and one of their favourites is “That’s not my monkey …”, available from Fish Pond.  A great introduction to reading for curious babies, these wonderfully illustrated books cleverly engage the sense of touch and encourage children to interact by feeling the different materials used for the monkeys throughout the book!  Which is your baby’s favourite monkey?

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