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Bright Star Kids Backpack – Nappy Bag Review

Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack 5

About the Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack

(I received a Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Cost: $39.95

Style: Backpack

Size: 35cm (H) x 28cm (W) x 15cm (D)

Available colours: The Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack cimes in two colours and an assortment of personalised designs:

Pink bags: Unicorn, Floral Wreath, Geometric, Butterfly, Owl, Watermelon, Be You, Love Hearts, Fairy, Flower, Fox, Mermaid, Cat, Confetti, Ice Cream, Apple, Dream Catcher, Woodland, Adventure Begins, Create Your Own.

Blue Bags: Jungle, Sky High, Robot, Wonderful Adventure, Race Car, Shark, Soccer, Monster Truck, Pirate, Dinosaur, Transport, Monster, Recycling Truck, Rocket, Dirt Bike, Speech Bubble, Monkey, Train, Superhero, Fire Truck, Police Officer, Dragon, Bat, Construction.

Material: The exterior is made from Polyester and PVC; the interior is made from Polyester.

Zippers: There are 2 zippers – the main pocket and the front pocket.

Pockets: This backpack comes with the front pocket, the main compartment of the bag and a pouch lining the back inner lining. There is also a mesh bottle holder on the side of the bag.

Washability: Inner lining can be wiped with a damp cloth, or the whole bag can be cold machine washed.

Other Features: Can be personalised with your child’s name. It can also be purchased with a matching personalised lunch bag

(Please Note: These are sold separately or as a combo – they do NOT come with the school bag).

Where you can get it from: The Personalised Kids’ Backpacks can be ordered from the Bright Star Kids’ Website HERE.

Website and Socials: Visit the Bright Star Kids’ website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

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Review of the Bright Star Kids “Personalised Dinosaur” Kids’ Backpack

To preface my choice of including the Kids’ Backpack in this review, I polled my followers a couple of months ago about Nappy Bags, and was surprised to find many mums who used backpacks rather than “proper” nappy bags to carry around their items for baby. Many of them found these bags to be cheaper, easy to wear and use, and would be beneficial for their child as they got older. I decided to put it to the test in this review.


The Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack comes in a bright blue colour, with a large, circular image in the middle of the front pocket. Our dinosaur design includes shades of green and blue, and we chose to have our son’s initials personalised on the front. I love all things personalised (growing up with an uncommon name, it was very special to me), so having a bag that my son can use when he is older with his initials on it immediately appeals to me too.

The backpack is simple in its overall design (great for when our son is older), with a front zipped pocket and the main zipped pocket. There is also a mesh water bottle holder on the side, and a tight pouch at the back of the main compartment – perfect for bits of paper or school notes (when my son is older).

The Polyester makes the backpack quite sturdy – perfect for those little hands when they start to grab and climb over everything (and as they get older and start using the bag independently).

If you decide to purchase the matching personalised lunchbag (which is sold separately), it will fit into the front zippered pocket. It has been designed this way to make it easier for younger children to get their lunchbag out at preschool – another nifty way this bag will grow with your child.

Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack 1


Obviously, this bag is a backpack, designed to be worn on the backs of little people. The straps were easily adjusted so that it could be worn on my back (although mums usually swing them over one shoulder, am I right?!). Unfortunately this means that they can’t be attached to the handlebars of prams, however the Bright Star Kids’ backpack is compact enough that it would fit underneath the pram anyway.

Having used theBright Star Kids Personalised Backpack as a Nappy Bag, I can see the appeal of using it over a regular Baby Bag. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it could fit in (still not perhaps the amount I am used to lugging around, but was another great exercise in culling down!). I was able to carry around the baby wipes, nappies, disposable nappy bags and lunch bag quite easily in the main pocket, with my valuables fitting in the front pocket.

Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack 4


As the cheapest “Nappy Bag” option in this review, there is obviously a lot of positives in choosing the Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack. It is a bag that will grow with your child and can be used through daycare, preschool and primary school days (which in itself makes it a highly valuable bag!). It can also easily fit the essentials you need for daily outings, and is a great option for when your baby is slightly older (perhaps needing less nappy changes and changes of clothes) and you’re wanting to cart around lots of toys – which is where we are at, with my boy about to turn 1. I think of all the nappy bags, this is one of the best in terms of value for money.

Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack 2

Stand Out Features:

  • Personalised design on the front of the backpack, making it special for your child (and you, if you’re sentimental like me!)
  • It will grow with your child, making it last for many years to come.
  • Despite its compact appearance, it fits a large amount of items inside.
  • It is by far the best in terms of value for money.


  • The Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack is not a traditional “Nappy Bag”, and isn’t stylish. If you’re looking for a handbag, on-trend style of bag, this is not the one for you.
  • If you have a newborn or young baby and you’re looking to back 20 sets of nappies and 3 pairs of clothes for an outing, you’ll need a bigger bag. This backpack option is perfect for older babies who may need less changes and more toys.

Bright Star Kids Personalised Backpack

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