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Wrapping and swaddling

Swaddling your baby is a skill that can take a bit of practice.   Our community answer the question does swaddling baby help them settle and share their tips on the best way to swaddle baby.

Step by Step Graphic on How To Swaddle Baby

how to swaddle baby Community question: Does swaddling baby help them settle

  • Do what works for you – my daughter would sleep better unwrapped – even now she kicks off her blankets (17 months), Fiona
  • Tight with arms in, Bree
  • Tight!! Don’t worry about hurting them, you won’t 😉 Melissa
  • Someone once told me that wrapping baby up nice and tight would make it feel like baby is still in the womb. It helped baby settle and feel snug and held tight, Ruth
  • I always wrap bub up with her hands/arms out that’s the way she likes it, with one corner folded down for where her head is placed and one corner folded round her bringing the bottom one up and folded slightly to me the other fold then fold the other corner all the way around bubs body. Emma
  • When you swaddle baby I find that the tighter the better, makes baby feel safe and secure, Prudence
  • Do what works for you and your baby, Kelly
  • Put baby’s arms down flat at the sides before starting to swaddle them Lisa
  • Fold up over feet, then sides and swaddle tight, Mary-Anne
  • Use appropriate wrap for the weather, Breana
  • Wrap firmly but make sure baby is comfortable. Linsey
  • Wrap as tight as you can, they always get out 😛 Kristy
  • It’s a learned skill 😉 Lanie
  • I only wrapped for a few weeks as my baby loved her hands to be free… but it did calm her down when she was over tired or very unsettled which was good. Alicia
  • Tighter the better, Dionne
  • Know your baby, some babies will prefer arms out some in, if you get it wrong it can equal no sleep and an upset bubba, Cassandra
  • Try different techniques some bubs like their arms wrapped and some don’t let baby decide, Libby
  • Patience! Briony
  • Arms in first. Karin
  • Wrap very tightly, make your own wraps as commercial wraps are generally too small. Heidi
  • When you wrap your baby make sure place their hand in a comfortable position, and wrap around their body. Jayne
  • Wrap tight keep away from face. Stevie
  • Nice and firm.  Snug as a bug in a rug as they say. Jayme-lee
  • The zip up ergo cocoon wraps are great for babies that like to wriggle out of normal wraps. Melissa
  • Don’t bother if they don’t like it. Jennifer
  • Just have a nappy when wrapping on hot days. Lisa
  • Put the hands and arms in the wrap first and create arms and then wrap around. Michelle
  • Wrap with arms up. Deonne
  • When wrapping a baby, make sure you wrap them comfortable tight so that they are restricted of movement and feel more safe and comfortable. Laura
  • Choose simpler wraps which you can tie easily onto your back- that way baby can feel close and protected even while you’re cooking dinner! Elizabeth
  • Never wrap your child too tight that the baby can not move. Noelene
  • Putting them in one piece rompers helps. Vanessa
  • When bub has gone to sleep unwrap to give room to wiggle a little. Amanda
  • Wrap their little arms in firmly, think of the wrap as a cuddle (so not too loose, not too tight, just right). Lees

Do you have any wrapping suggestions? Add your tips below.

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