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C Section or Natural Birth Which is Better

Q&A: For those Mum’s who have had both a natural labor and a c section, if you could choose, what would you prefer??

Babies Due Date Anxiety

Community Tips: Parents share their experience with anxiety and stress as babies due date arrives. Mum is ready to meet baby but feeling a lot of physical discomfort

Amazing Birth Photography by Allison Cox

There’s nothing more powerful, more amazing or more primal than giving birth. Allison Cox has captured the elation, the pain, the tears and the triumphs in a series of  photos …

Birthing Centre vs Hospital Birth

Q&A: What are people’s thoughts on birth centres Vs Hospital labour?

Experiences with Epidurals

Q&A: I was looking for people’s experiences with epidurals?

First time mum anxiety towards labour

Q&A: I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I’m absolutely terrified of giving birth.

Tips for Dad’s in labour room

Q&A: I’m 39 weeks pregnant and wonder if anyone has tips for partners coming into the birthing room? I’m sure my husband would be very appreciative.

pubic hair and birth

Pubic Hair and Labour

Expert Tips: Midwife advice on managing pubic hair and labour. All your questions answered on if you need a brazillian for your bikini line before the birth

Caring for older children when in labour

Parent Tips: Parents share their experience with finding an option for older children when in labour and no family or friends near by

Experiences with tearing or episiotomy in labour

Q&A: What are your experiences with tearing or having an episiotomy during birth?

Amazing Birth Photography by Meaghan Milne

Birth Phototgraphy: Meaghan Milne shares images from her amazing birth photography that will make you feel like you are at the birth

What to do with older children when in labour

Q&A: Could parents in similar a situation please provide their experiences and advice

When to get in the birthing pool

Q&A: Am having my first home/water birth (my 5th pregnancy) and have been told not to get into the water too soon as this can slow the contractions down.

Breathing techniques for labour

Q&A: Just wondering if breathing techniques during labour helped or did everything go out the window once contractions started. I didn’t read up on or use these during my first and was wondering if it really is beneficial and if so what are some tips?

amazing birth photos

Amazing, heart-stopping birth photos by Laura Elie

Amazing birth photos that capture the pure emotion of birth and will make you reflect on your birth experience or imagine what birth would be like

Placenta Encapsulation

Q&A: I am interested in Placenta Encapsulation. Has anyone had any good experience with this and could anyone please highly recommend someone who does it from Joondalup Hospital?

birth plans

Are birth plans worth the paper they are written on?

Expert Tips: Midwife shares the value of a birth plan and what should be included in yours in preparation of your labour

Private vs public maternity care in Australia

Community tips: Private v’s public to have baby in Australia? Good private obstetrician and your out of pocket expenses please. Just want to see if it is affordable going private.

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Blog – The biggest and best surprise, however, was just how GOOD it is being a Dad. My wife and I were very happy before having kids – careers, lots of travel, good friends & good times – but it just doesn’t begin to compare to what we have now.

Episiotomy recovery with physiotherapy

Q&A: Has anyone had a midwife refer them to a physio because of a traumatic birth that required a large episiotomy?

Gestational diabetes, labour,pregnancy, birth, insulin

Gestational diabetes birth stories

Q&A: Parents share their journey through gestational diabetes from pregnancy to birth

Positive induction experiences

Induction of Labour – positive birth stories

Q&A: Can anyone share their positive experiences with being induced?

siblings in the delivery room

Children in the delivery room

Children in the delivery room during labour and the birth – parents share their experiences

Delayed Cord Clamping

Q&A: Just wanting advice/information from parents who delayed cord clamping.

IVF Pregnancy experience

Anyone who has had an IVF baby, how was your pregnancy?

Stretch and Sweeps – Are they painful?

Q&A: Stretch and sweeps are they painful?

What did you do in the early stages of Labour?

Q&A: How did you deal with early labour? Any tips for keeping your mind distracted or dealing with those early contractions for our mums-to-be? Any funny stories to share? I got a friend to braid my hair for no. 3 because I wanted one post-labour photo without my hair in an absolute mess!

Help with Anxiety before giving birth

Q&A: I think I sound stupid, but Im pregnant with my 5th child and am absolutely terrified of labour

Baby Steps: What’s Best for Baby?

Two days before Louise gave birth, her partner walked out on her. Then, facing birth on her own she developed complications. Here she looks back on that experience and explains why it was the best day of her life.

breech natural birth

Does a breech birth mean a caesarean? Midwife tips

Finding out your baby is in a breech position can be frightening and, for some women, disappointing as it means they have to have a caesarean delivery – or do they? Midwife Caroline May explains why many breech babies are delivered by caesar and whether vaginal delivery can remain as one of your options.