rainbow party

Rainbow Party


Rainbow party – includes DIY ideas for rainbow ribbon wands, rainbow birthday cake, rainbow cookie recipe and rainbow cupcakes

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Best Lego Party Ideas!


Lego party ideas including Lego cake, Lego party bags, Lego decorations, Lego party food and more

Child preschooler with face painting.

DIY Easy face painting ideas


Face painting ideas that are easy to DIY to make your kids birthday party a big hit on a budget.

candy rain card

Rainy day party ideas


You’ve planned the ultimate birthday extravaganza and in 4 short hours, 15 small children and their parents will descend on the local park for games, fairy bread and mini fruit …

Cookie Cover

Best Party Cookies


Party Food: We have inspiration for the best party cookies to make your birthday party or get together the talk of the town. Your kids will love these cookies

first birthday present idea for boys

First Birthday Present Ideas For Boy


Community Tips: Parents share their first birthday present ideas for boy. Trucks, books, personalised items and more

first birthday present for girl

First Birthday Present for Girl


Community Tips: Parents share their ideas for first birthday present for girls. Come and get some great gift ideas to make that special birthday girl happy

carnival party food

Carnival Party Food Ideas


Party Tips: Carnival Party Food Ideas and suggestions for Carnival Party Decorations using ideas from our daughter’s 7th birthday party

carnival themed games

Carnival Themed Games


For our carnival themed party we have carnival themed party bags, carnival themed food and of course the carnival themed entertainment. We didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of …

carnival themed party bags

Carnival Themed Party Bags


Party Tips: We share some tips and ideas carnival themed party bags and a prize table we had for our 7 year old’s birthday party

Celebrating first birthday

First birthday outfits shopping


Q&A: What is your favourite place to shop for first birthday outfits for your little ones?


Fancy pinwheel cupcake toppers


DIY: Easy instructions to show you how to make cupcake toppers in a fancy pinwheel design


Crafts for kids – Little Hands Birthday Cake Prints


Here’s a cheap and charming way to make a special homemade birthday present for a loved person in your life. The handprint birthday gift is perfect for grandparents or daddies, this is a …

messy 6th birthday party

Messy Party


by Tanya For my daughter’s 6th birthday theme we decided on a messy party. The kids and I had so much fun, with many children walking away saying it was …

What did you do for 1st birthday thumbnail

What did you do for your child’s First Birthday?


Q&A: Tell us what you did for your children’s 1st Birthday

dads birthday gift ideas

Dad’s Birthday Gift Ideas


Q&A: I’m after some help, it’s my husband’s birthday Friday and I want to get him some thing special from our 12week year old daughter . But im really lost. ? Any one have any good ideas for me.?

First birthday

First Birthday Present Ideas


Q&A: My babies first birthday is coming up soon and I am after some present ideas aside from the normal toys and clothes as he got a lot at Xmas! Anything different or bit more special?

Party Game

3 Year Old Birthday Party Game Ideas


Q&A: What are your favourite (age appropriate) games for 3-5 year olds? Miss almost 3 has her party in a few weeks & I’ve covered everything bar games. Any Ideas? What was a hit at your 3 yr old party? P.s it’s a garden (butterflies bumble bees etc party).

Birthday party food

First Birthday Party Food Ideas


Q&A: Can mums suggest some finger food for my baby’s first birthday the party will have a broad range of ages of children and adults. Kids ages from 1 yr – through to 16 yrs old.


Party food ideas for kids


Q&A: What are your best kids party food ideas? What about for the adults?


First Birthday Party Games For Babies


Q&A: Hi there; I am planning my son’s first birthday party and am looking for some EASY party games to suit a variety of ages. I was thinking of doing pass the parcel, a treasure hunt with wrapped lollies and pin the tail on the donkey. Any other suggestions?


How to Host an Allergy Friendly Birthday Party


Katrina Roe explains how you can have a successful party which not only accommodates, but includes children with allergies.


First birthday party Themes


Q&A: What did you do for your baby’s first birthday party?