Labour and Birth

Placenta chronicles - 5 ideas for using your placenta

Placenta chronicles – 5 ideas for using your placenta


The placenta. A slightly squeamish topic for some. Nevertheless ideas abound for using your placenta after delivery.

Childbirth & going with the flow

Going with the flow – tips for pregnancy and childbirth


For one mumma, going with the flow meant shrugging off mean comments about her size during pregnancy and appreciating that a natural birth isn’t always possible.

Is this Braxton Hicks or real labour

Is this Braxton Hicks or real labour


Mums share how they knew the answer to is this Braxton Hicks or real labour?

inducing labour so FIFO husband can attend labour

Inducing so FIFO husband can attend birth


inducing labour so FIFO husband can attend birth – parents share how they managed when baby was due when FIFO husband rostered to work

preparing for a c section

Prepare for a c section


Prepare for a c section. Mums share their best tips on how to get ready for a c section. Eg high waisted undies, taking it easy, taking your pain control…

baby engaged

How early was your baby engaged?


Q&A: How early did your baby engage and how long after baby engaged did you go into labour?

induction with gel

Induction with gel


Induction with gel. Mums share their experience with being induced with gel alone. How soon labour progressed and if they could go home

Water birth, labour, birth

Water Birth Experiences


Q&A: Just wondering if I could get some advice on a water birth (not a home water birth). I am just wondering who has opted for this and would love to hear success stories as well as positives and negatives of a water birth

bleeding stop after birth

When did you stop bleeding after birth?


Q&A: When did you stop bleeding after birth?

Was your second baby early or late?

Was your second baby early or late?


Was your second baby early or late? Parents share when their second child was born: early, late or born on their due date.

France with you in labour

Wanting birth partner with you during childbirth


Wanting Your Birth Partner With You During Childbirth: I am 33 weeks in my first pregnancy- my partner thinks he’d be more useful at work than with me in the ‘early’ stages

c-section under general anaesthetic

C-Section under General Anaesthetic


Q&A: What were your experiences with c section under a general anaesthetic?

C-Section Experiences

C-Section Experiences


Parents share their C-section experiences. Tips to be prepared and for recovery from a caesarean from mums who have experienced it

Epidural Injection

Subsequent epidural injection after failure


Q&A: For my first birth I opted for an epidural and it was unsuccessful (only numbed my legs). I’m due with #2 in a few months and am tossing up whether to have another epidural or not.

Pain Relief Alternatives To Epidural in Labour

Pain Relief Alternatives To Epidural in Labour


Community Tips: Parents share their experience with pain relief alternatives to epidural including saline injections, TENS machines, gas and showers

Positive Natural Birth Stories

Positive Natural Birth Stories


Community Tips: Parents share their positive natural birth stories for a mum to be who has heard lots of horror stories about child birth


Dad: How to be helpful at your child’s birth!


Dad’s Role in Childbirth – Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares a poem about how dad’s role in childbirth


Show stopping just born photography by Shannon Jensen


We love birth and just born photography here at Baby Hints & Tips. It just makes you feel a certain way. Tingles. Goose bumps. You marvel in awe at the …

elective induction of labour

Elective induction of labour


Just wondering if anyone has had an elective induction of labour ?   Read midwife tips on induction of labour Positive experiences of induction here I have…my second was an …

TENS machine for pain relief in labour


Q&A: Just wanting to know experiences from people who used the TENS pain relief during labour. Did it work and was it worth it?

C Section or Natural Birth Which is Better


Q&A: For those Mum’s who have had both a natural labor and a c section, if you could choose, what would you prefer??

Babies Due Date Anxiety


Community Tips: Parents share their experience with anxiety and stress as babies due date arrives. Mum is ready to meet baby but feeling a lot of physical discomfort


Amazing Birth Photography by Allison Cox


There’s nothing more powerful, more amazing or more primal than giving birth. Allison Cox has captured the elation, the pain, the tears and the triumphs in a series of ¬†photos …

Most comfortable clothing for labour


Q&A: What did you find most comfortable clothing for labour? In all stages? It will just be myself and Hubby in the room with the midwife.


Delayed Cord Clamping – Midwife explains


Midwife Tips: Midwife, Michelle, explains what delayed cord clamping is and information on should you use delayed cord clamping with your children

Birthing Centre vs Hospital Birth


Q&A: What are people’s thoughts on birth centres Vs Hospital labour?

Experiences with Epidurals


Q&A: I was looking for people’s experiences with epidurals?

Husband Providing Acupressure Pain Relief

Tips for Dad’s in labour room


Q&A: I’m 39 weeks pregnant and wonder if anyone has tips for partners coming into the birthing room? I’m sure my husband would be very appreciative.

pubic hair and birth

Pubic Hair and Labour


Expert Tips: Midwife advice on managing pubic hair and labour. All your questions answered on if you need a brazillian for your bikini line before the birth

Happy family

Caring for older children when in labour


Parent Tips: Parents share their experience with finding an option for older children when in labour and no family or friends near by