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swollen legs while pregnant

Swollen Feet while pregnant

Q&A: Just wondering if anyone else has had swollen feet while pregnant?

Baby measuring ahead at ultrasound

Q&A: I was just wondering if any other mums out there had similar things and we’re still able to give birth naturally or if they were induced? Also how their pelvis was when when bub engaged?

Baby measuring ahead at Pre-Natal visits

Parents Tips: Im 24+4 with bub no 3 but measuring at 26cm. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy

Q&A: Who has had Hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism in there pregnancy? Can you share your experiences.

Coping with gestational diabetes

I got diagnosed with GD on Monday, and I have had to do quite a radical diet change but my morning sugars are too high (over 5) how did you …

Hashimotos Disease in Pregnancy

Mums share their experience with Hashimotos disease in pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes Healthy Snacks

Q&A: I have just been told I have gestational diabetes and am on diet control. Was wondering if any mum have some healthy snack ideas that I can use

hyperemesis gravidarum story

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Leanne’s Story

Leanne is one of our lovely BHT volunteer administrators, she has been a valued member of the team for over twelve months now. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is an issue close to her heart having suffered through each of her 3 pregnancies, throwing up between 3-30 times a day. We had a chat about what it all meant for her and the effect on her and her family.


Coping with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Q&A: Any advice on how to better cope with Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

difficulty sleeping when pregnant

Difficulty sleeping when Pregnant

Q&A: Just wanting others experiences and ways to deal.. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant

Bleeding after Conception Advice

Q&A: Who of you bled after conception? And How long did you bleed for?

Gestational diabetes experiences

Q&A: I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It will need to be diet control first with 4 daily finger pricks and low GI Diet. Who else was diagnosed with this? And did it turn into insulin injections?

Dealing with traumatic labour

Q&A: My first son is 19months and I had a very traumatic labour, I had to be hooked up to the heart monitor as his heart rate kept dropping, and I ended up having an episiotomy and forceps delivery as after 2 hours of pushing he wouldn’t even. It was horrible, painful and messy and I suffered PND afterwards. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant with baby number 2. Hubby and I are both very excited but I keep having panic attacks when I think about labour. I’m just wandering if anyone has advice on how to get through this pregnancy and labour a little calmer? I am very worried and scared, and I am also thinking maybe I should just elect for a c section?

General Complaints in Pregnancy

Q&A: What discomforts did you face in pregnancy and how did you overcome them?

Reflux in Pregnancy: General Tips

Reflux occurs in two thirds of all pregnant women and can be very unpleasant! Here are some tips from other mums about how they dealt with it.

swollen vagina in pregnancy

Swollen vagina in pregnancy

Q&A: I know this may sound gross but im going to ask anyway. Im 37 wks pregnant with no. 4 and my vagina is so swollen and its very uncomfortable and sore. Has anyone else had anything like that and is it just due to pressure?