Baby Sleep

Sleep Advice – From Newborn To Toddler!

Baby and sleep – these are not two words that always go well together. Here we have expert tips on helping your baby to go to sleep and also have community tips from parents who have been in your shoes.  Understand your child’s sleep cycles, know when to speak to your doctor and get information from specialists and midwives.  Don’t worry, it does get better – especially if you can help your little one to sleep better!

Sleepy 4 month old baby - the four months baby routine

Baby routines, gentle sleep techniques, advice on controlled crying, sleep aids and sleep product reviews and  learn how much sleep your child needs. We have tips and answers on all these sleep questions and more – we believe that the best sleep advice is about giving you the right information to make the best decision for your baby.  We don’t judge.  We just help you get through those difficult sleepless months…years… *yawn*

Dropping a Day Sleep

Q&A: Just wondering how other mums knew their baby was ready for less sleep during the day? I am thinking of going from 3 to 2 sleeps with my 9 month old, but not sure how I will know when/if to try.

which baby sleep book

HELP! Which Baby Sleep Book Is For Me?

Review: Which baby sleep book will suit me and my family? We have a round up of books which use gentle techniques and those using controlled crying

Sleep training books and apps

Q&A: Any good apps or books for sleep training?

occasional co-sleeping

Occasional Co-Sleeping: Okay if you Choose It!

Should you co-sleep? Is co-sleeping okay? Co-sleeping is often a topic for debate. There are the camps absolutely pro co-sleeping and then the polarised opposite who say absolutely no way. …

self settling babies

Self Settling Babies

Q&A: Just wondering if any mums have any self settling tips for babies

rocking sleeping kids

Rocking older babies to sleep

Q&A: For those parents who have rocked their babies to sleep, how has it worked in the later months, 6 and over?

white noise babies sleep

Using White Noise For Babies Sleep

Q&A: I’d like some suggestions on using white noise to aid sleep. Any recommendations on what to buy/use? Also, is the noise supposed to be on all night and every nap time?

help to get baby to sleep

Can I stop my 8 month old rolling in their sleep?

Lately I’ve been waking up to find that my 8mo has rolled over in her sleep and is face down in her cot, I flip her back over on her back but as soon as I do she wakes up, I was wondering if there was anything I can do to stop this from happening?

How to remove a dummy cold turkey

How to remove a dummy cold turkey

Advice from our parenting community on how to remove a dummy cold turkey

Sleep regression

Sleep Regression

Question: At what age/s did your child have a sleep regression? How long did it take to resolve, and what did you do to fix it?

When did you move baby out of your room into their own

When did you move baby out of your room into their own

Q&A: What should i do? keep her in or move her out into her cot? she’s a swaddled back sleeper, but is she getting too old for being in my room??

Comforter types

Q&A:  Does your child have a sleep toy/blanket? What is it and did it improve their sleep?


Getting baby to sleep past 5am

Q&A: I’m looking for some ideas to help my 9mo dd to sleep past 5am as I’m about to go back to work.


Tips to keep unswaddled baby in one place when asleep

Q&A: Looking for hints and tips to help my 4mo ds stay in one place while he sleeps!?!


Love to Dream Swaddle or Ergo Cocoon?

I’m expecting soon and I’m wondering what people’s opinions on either the ergo cocoon or love to dream swaddle is best for a new born. Should I buy both?

kids continual night waking

Continual night waking in a 10 month old

Q&A: My 10 month old has been waking around 3 times a night (normally one of them for 1-2 hours) he is upset and waking us.

is baby hungry

Is my baby hungry or just wants comfort?

Q&A: I’m having trouble in the day time trying to figure out if my babies hungry or just wants the nipple

dream feeds do they work

Dream Feeds – Helpful or Not?

Q&A: What are people’s thoughts and experiences of dream feeding?


When did your little one drop to one nap a day?

Q&A: When did your little ones drop to one sleep a day?

Keeping baby warm

Keeping your little one warm

Q&A: Just wondering how everyone is keeping their bubba’s warm at night without any heating?


Transition from Co-Sleeping to Cot or bed

Q&A: Was it hard on you and your lo? How long did you co sleep for? Any tips on the transition would be greatly appreciated

ditiching the dummy

Ditching the Dummy

Q&A: My almost 6 month old fully breast fed baby is waking up to 15 times a night seeking her dummy. She was sleeping through… How do I ditch the dummy??

Transition from Bassinet to Cot

Transition from Bassinet to Cot

Q&A: Does anyone have any advice for the transition from bassinet to cot for a 4 month old?

Co-Sleeping and Bedtime

Q&A: When you Co sleep, does baby/toddler/child go to bed the same time you do? Or do you settle them in your bed and then join them when you got to bed

The Co-Sleeping Debate and the Benefits of Infant-Parent Proximity

Read more about safe cosleeping and the benefits it can have for you and your baby.

Cry it out method

Q&A: I’m just wondering on other mum’s thoughts about routine sleeping and letting bub cry it out? I am trying to decide if it is right for our family… For those whose kids are older now, do you think the crying out has been a positive/negative thing for them?

circumcision sydney

Tips for keeping sleeping baby cool on hot days

Q&A: What does your baby sleep in on hot days? How do you keep them cool?

General baby settling tips

Q&A: Describe the most effective method you found for settling your baby

Daylight Savings Tips

Q&A: We are looking for any daylight saving transition tips! How to did you work around the time difference, with sleep and general routines?

How to transition bub to being unwrapped

Q&A: My little man is 24 weeks. I’m thinking of transitioning him out of his swaddle, any suggestions?